Mixcraft 8 released; Powerful and complete, yet affordable


Highlights include a new sound engine, global automation, new professional plugins, direct integration of Freesound.org’s massive library, new ways to mix music, upgraded interface, and much more. A professional-quality music creation suite where the Studio version offers no limits should you need to compose for animation and game projects, YouTube videos, and anything that might need sound.

Even more so, there is no subscription and no monthly payment, just a single purchase and it’s yours forever.

I have upgraded to 8 from version 7 and I can tell you, it’s an excellent choice not only for music, but for sound effects too (especially with the Freesound integration, an absolutely massive library of loops and sound effects, even if you stick with just the Public Domain entries). The only weak point right now is in the area of pitch control for music loops unless you pay extra for the Melodyne software, but at less than 200 dollars, you will hardly find a better deal with other solutions.

And yes, it’s commercial software, but it’s far better than anything FOSS provides currently (LMMS is quite limited in virtual instruments for instance).

Have at it :slight_smile: