Mixed CG/claymation/filmed Sci-Fi video

Hi All. Its been a long time since I’ve posted here, but I’m back… at least for a little while.
Last year I went back to year 12, and as one of my subjects, I had to put together a video over about a 6 month period.
The models were created in Wings3D, and textured and rendered in Blender. The film was put together in Final Cut Pro 9.0.
It’s a great program by the way. Does anyone know of any open-source film editing programs?
Anyway, the video is at

Here’s one I know of.

Well, theres cinelerra
But I’ve just played with it… Theres also jahshaka
Once again, just played with it. Although its more motion graphics… Still, nice one to know about.

As PapaSmurf pointed out Blender can do some great editing. It appears that some people swear by it and some hate (like all other blender features).

In reference to the actual blender work in your video: Next time, look at subsurfing the models. I know this was a school project and thus not Pro work. But, smoothing the models would just make it more pleasing to view.

Keep blending!

Re: PapaSmurf: Yes, I’ve played around with Blenders video-editing feature, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Except for the bit where compiling the video’s and sound into one file on IBM-based machines results in loss of all sounds. I kinda don’t like that bit.

Re: DichotomyMatt: Yes, there’s so much I could have done better on that movie it’s not funny, but time constraints… I hadn’t thought of subsurfing the models. Which ones would have looked better?
The things I thought needed improvements was the normal and defuse maps on the mother ship (The normal map was 256 x 256, and set to tile), other objects such as rocks, trees and grass set on the ground… actually I could go on all day listing all the things I could have done to improve that video. I suppose there’s always next time though :slight_smile:

Re: Digitalillusion - Thanks for those. I’ll grab em next chance I get, and try em out.