Mixed textures in blender shifted off

So, I’ve been texturing this model for days now, following a tutorial but after mixing the textures to get the ideal skin tune, I did a quick render and the textures are shifted off, they are far from the place they should be and the colors are not strong either.

His mouth is near his right eye and nose while his eyes are on the right side of his head. The problem is, and the reason why I have absolutely no idea, how to correct this mistake is, if I check the textures one by one, then it shows up correctly like this:

Anyone can help me? I am desperate at this moment :frowning: By the way, I was using this tutorial:

In the texture settings have you set the texture mapping to be UVs and if you have multiple UVs selected the correct one for each texture

Yes. All textures are set to UV, but nothing changes, the problem is still there :frowning:

Supply your blend file (pack textures in blend file before saving) for review

Couldn’t upload here, so here’s the link for the file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/39030
I hope it did pack the textures :slight_smile:

See post #2 for the reason.
Your object has 4 UV maps

The textures should be applied using the ‘Front’ UV layout. You haven’t specified which UV map to use for the textures so it uses the first one which is incorrect. For all the textures set it to use the Front UVs

To give: