Mixer to Blender - Displacement Maps not Showing *SOLVED*

Hey all, thank you so much for your support and allowing me to be a part of this community. I promise you, before I post here, I research for answers first.

When working in Mixer, I create amazing maps with fantastic displacement and/or normals. When I export this into Blender 2.82 or 2.83, the displacement never shows up like it does in Mixer.

I assume to receive the displacement, my ground will need to be high poly, which I’ve done.

The only way to increase the bump look of the shader is to increase the normal strength–but this does not make the 3D roots and rocks protrude up as they should from displacement.

What is going wrong?

Also, online I found a post about using Cycles ‘experimental’ for this to work…that is why I circled that in red…I tried both.

It looks like you’re trying to set it up as a microdisplacement object. For that, you have to set up your nodes properly (which it looks like you’ve already done), apply a subsurf modifier to your object, then click the Adaptive checkbox there.

You can find out more about it Here.

Ah, so Mixer is exporting micro-displacement info? Ok, watching Guru vid now, thanks!

There’s really no difference in microdisplacements and regular displacement maps. They can both use the same greyscale images.

It’s more about how Blender handles them. With regular displacements, you use a displace modifier, lead it to your texture, then subdivide the poop out of your object until it looks good. You don’t have to do that with microdisplacements, since Blender does the subdividing work for you at rendertime, giving you better results, and allowing you to keep your polycounts low until you need them.

Ah, got it to work by adding a displacement modifier…

My mistake was in thinking that if I imported (node wrangler) a shader, and the .EXR displacement was attached, it would have already set the displacement up…stupid on my part. Now I know you have to add a modifier on the stack.

Thank you!

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Eh, not really. That’s the way it sorta looks like it’ll work, but it doesn’t yet. Maybe once Everything Nodes kicks off, we’ll get proper parallax maps, and easy displacement.