Mixing 2d and 3d animation

So I’m planning on doing a short with predominantly 2d animation, but I’d like to use 3d models for some cars that are going to be in it so I was wondering how to make 3d models look like they’re hand drawn or at least make them look like a set of complete lines that we can color later. I tried the freestyle with flat white, and it came out really bad(rendered image and screen capture are attached). The problem was that either i have way too many lines or not enough. Are there better ways to do this or should i maybe try to use a different program for this?


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I’ll try list some possibilities, maybe some of those are suitable.

You can mark freestyle lines in edit mode and limit lineset to those. Edges menu (ctrl+E) -> mark freestyle edge.

Could also use texture painting and paint the lines on the model itself, on its texture, or use projections to paint on it in an external program. Could use quick projection http://www.blendtuts.com/quick_projection or place cameras around, render from one, paint on it, and project those back on the model.

These guys also put additional lines with grease pencil. Maybe this one gives ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssd4ZNNpY-s#t=194