Mixing 2D into 3D scenes/animation


I want to start mixing 2D animation into 3d scenes (non static scenes), with animated 3d elements.

If possible, and, or if you’ve got experiencie, and since I want to start doing this, is there any sugestions about techniques ?

I’m thinking, first of all, have the 3D animation and 3D scenes done, and do the animation frame by frame, using a composition software and then, finish the composition by masking, etc

Please let me know about techniques or other ideas

Thanks for your atention!

PS - I know about textures and using videos/animations as textures - but its not the case, just to mention

Take a look at this post on Blender nation…or this one for another style. Sure there are ideas for you to follow there…

EDIT: Jazzdaleks links are down while he moves to new server - from last post…

thanks for your atention and sugestion, I’ll check the posts! =)

Yes, but this is Cut-out Animation, I’m refearing in a style, such as Gorillaz
for example, or even Roger Rabbit by Richard Williams (mixing 2D into video),
that sort of animation.

I’m thinking about create the scenes and 3d animation, and then create the
2D directly above the rendered movie frames.

I would be really happy to know other techniques or sugestions, the best
example I can find, about this, is Gorillaz. I guess.

Thanks :wink: