Mixing audio in 7.1 using a razer hydra

I tried to set this up directly in Reason 6, and didn’t have much success, but running it through blender 3D and recording it with Reason works very nicely-- as long as I start blender first and then reason. Otherwise, I get a bsod =)

It’s very fun, and I’m sure it’s thousands less than any other 7.1 mixing setup, and also very easy to control.

I might even use it for some 7.1 content that will be playing in theaters.

blend file and other links in the video description. =)

Wow cool foley mix! I wondered if there was a good way to get live sound mixing into Blender. There ya go.

Very cool, good job!

That is a really good idea, and the end result is fantastic! A nice workflow for surround sound in BGE.

You can do live sound through reason 6 and pan it around in 7.1, but it’s kinda complex and requires 2 hands, so you can’t quite play and pan at once, but you could pan somebody else in 7.1 live.

Also, I’ve had a lot of bsods when running reason and blender since 2.5 but either way, it’s super fun, and I’m gonna try mixing two of my old tunes into 7.1 using this setup =)

Of course, I can record the ipo from the game engine, and overlay fancy particles or lightsabers onto the videos of me mixing 7.1 audio… instant music video!