Mixing Cycles and BI

I am trying to get hair on my female model while still using cycles as the primary render engine. I’ve already tried duplicating the cycles scene, rendering in BI, then mixing the two scenes together with a mix node. The problem is that the BI render basically overwrites the cycles render and the final composite is the BI render. Did I miss something or mess up a setting?

Thanks for any help.

Render them then save as an exr(multi-layer exr) file, then use the compositor to create the final image(s)

Is that the only way…BTW I forgot to mention that the model is going to be in an animation, if that makes a difference, I’m just trying to get the hair render down right now in stills before I move on to moving things

This is a shot of my node setup, I followed advice from another post somewhere about a light bulb but I don’t think mine was supposed to turn out this way. I’m also using hair physics for the animation and I can’t move the hair to a seperate render layer…if anyone could help with this I’d be grateful

I think that the top layer should be on the bottom socket and you are right, there doesn’t seem to be a seperation between BI hair and BI face model. Can you simply turn off the particle source render in the particle tab? Otherwise you may need to duplicate the mesh onto a hair layer and hide that mesh.

I tried turning off the emitter and it made hair show through the other layer. I’m just going to seperate the hair from the head mesh and composite it like that. Thanks for the suggestions

So I tried to seperate the hair from the main mesh and place it on a seperate render layer and try to composite it then and it came out like this.

If I just do a mix node, whatever layer is on the bottom socket overwrites the previous. If anyone has an answer for this that’d be nice otherwise I’m just going to go back to the Blender Internal and wait for hair to be supported in cycles.

So I recently solved this problem I had in November. All I had to do was switch between the two rendering engines and render the images to separate renderlayers then alpha over the renderings and check Convert Premul on the alpha over node.