Mixing cyclic and normal animation

I have an object that needs to rotate several times before it slows down and stops. I have achieved the rotating part by setting the interpolation to linear and using a cycles modifier. The thing is, I cannot control the end of the animation, for example slowing down at the end.

What is the preferred way to do this in blender?



I think if you realy want to mix cyclic and normal animation, you can do that with the NLA editor but if your animation is just an object rotating then slowing down and stop, I think there is an easier way of work.

On your object create a rotation keyframe on frame 1 then go to the frame where your object is suposed to slow down, create a keyframe with as many turns as you want (for example 1080 degrees for three turns before slowing down).
Now go to the frame where your object is suposed to stop then add as many turns as you want before stoping and again create a rotation keyframe (for exemple 1440 degrees and your object will turn three time and it will slow down during one more turn then stop)
You need to set linear interpolation between the first and second keyframes and bezier between the second and third ones.
Obviously you should also need to tweak some timing, f-curves, turn numbers …etc

This is the way I would use if I had to do this animation.

select the dope-sheet-window and switch to action-editor there,
give your rotation action in the “action-editor” a name, maybe: Rotation
Then click on New to create a new empty action, name it maybe: StandStill
Go into 3D-View and insert a keyframe for your object standing still, key on LocRot?
or only Rot and do this for maybe 30 frames - go up 30 frames and set keyframe again.
Then open the nla-editor-window and add both actions.
Move the StandStill to the first (upper) line and set it to Replace (key-N for its preferences). Move the Rotation (long) action to the second (lower) line.
As long in the upper line is not the StandStill action the Rotation will be done and if the position of the StandStill is reached, your Object will jump into the freeze position as long this action lasts, … then the longer Rotation will go on rotating.
You have to move the StandStill at a point when the rotation is in the right position and you have to scale (or set repeat) for StandStill to last longer.

I hope this explanation of combining two actions in the nla-editor is clear enough.
(in the tutorial-section there should be some videos about combining animations this way)