Mixing image textures with material textures?

I think I am having trouble understanding how I can mix material textures with image textures. I’m doing some package design and the label on the package has some gold foil, and the lid of the package has some gold, but not on the entire surface.

I get how I could do a specular map to add highlights to the gold foil, but how would I actually make just the gold foil look gold, and how could I make the rest look more like paper?

Here are a few photos:

The yellow areas should be a reflective gold foil when printed, and we need the model to reflect that better.

Apply a different material just to those faces
Use a texture to influence the properties (specularity etc)
For cycles renderer use a texture as the factor in a mix shader to mix two different materials

No blend file supplied in your post so nothing specific for your particular case

So I was able to get the “hot stamp” foil effect on the gold, as it will appear on our packaging. I did it with a specular map. I’m happy with how it looks, but for some reason it makes the container so dark that I have to crank up all my lights to compensate for it, then it washes out the lid, badly. Also, it still just doesn’t look very realistic which is a bummer. The inside cup thing is supposed to be a shiny white, but comes out as a grey color, even tho it has a white glossy shader.

Any feedback?


All you need is two materials and a mask drawing to separate these.

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The way you doing it now isn’t quite right. One reason, you’re mixing 50% glossy into everything. Paper will have very little gloss on it, certainly not 50%. It’s also somewhat rare to feed a color map into the color input on the glossy. Much more common to use it for roughness or as a mix factor. That said, what you really want to be doing is using a mask to separate these two materials. A standard gold foil with mask would look something like this: (sibl hdri included, and one of elbrujodelatrubu’s gold shaders also)
Mask.blend on drobox

How do I add this shader? I’m confused on what this is.

It is a ‘node group’ which is to say a group of nodes wired up and then put into a little black box. If you select it, and hit tab you will be able to see the nodes inside of it, hit tab again to go back to your main nodes.

If you want to use it in your blend file, the way to do it is this.

  1. With your blend file open, in the menu up top hit file, append and navigate to mask.blend you downloaded. Blended will then show you a special series of “folders” you can go through, there is one called ‘NodeGroup’ go into that and select ‘Gold’ or colubia-gold maybe. And hit append button top right
  2. In your blend, select the object and material you want to use it in, go to the node editor, and hit ‘Add’, ‘Group’ and then select if from the list, and wire it up like the image.

I’ll mention again that this gold node group comes from elbrujodelatribu and are available here on blendswap

This will sound like a noob question, which it is, but how do I add another material into the node editor? Like I have a node tree already built up, and if I choose another material it resets all of it

You can copy and paste nodes by selecting a bunch of them either with b to box select, or by holding shift and right clicking. Once you have some nodes selected you can ctrl c to copy and then ctrl v to paste.