Mixing materials and flaks for car pain

Hi there

I am still struggling with combining nodes to achieve a good looking flake material with brilliant bright flake dots and a sharp light reflection BUT less strong environmental reflection.

Specifically because of this mixing I feel that when I layer materials they only mix together - but I would like to add just the reflection onto a diffuse base material like a clear coat.

This is my reference image I try to achieve:

This is what I have sofar - any tips? Is this currently even possible with Cycles?
Keyshot and VRay have dedicated shaders just for that.

You can also notice that there is a render artifact black dots !?

This what i got after 58 seconds. I hope i got all nodes and connections right. And got no black dots so far only a white firefly in the highlight where the sky reflects. Lights are emitter planes from top of car. One may remember it from a video tutorial about car paint and scene setup.

check this one it is from a different thread - phantastic

can you upload sample file with the set up
i tried tor edo it but did not work really well


Ricky here it is :wink: you can now also use the color ramp node like in BI for iris-decent colors.
I dont have a Mac build with that one yet.


Did not know we had this ramp now !
nice to see it move foward

and from which SVN is this ?

any example for this ramp one ?

sorry link is dead


Yes i saw the other thread afterwards. But what i wonder is what makes the CPU so busy while CUDA is running at second GPU.
Ignore signature as i had fried propably my former AMD x2 caused by issues of backup battery something like CPU has changed error.

cekuhnen thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

thanks go it now

you can see it even when you do only 10 samples

the one i did had several plane emission and there was large whutish areas on the sphere
but i’ll figure out how to get it !

what makes the size of the flakes ?
i tried to change the vononoi size but it does not change much!

so must be something else ?


Hi Rick

the Gamma values sharpen the gray scale gamut of the voronoi pattern - play with that one as well.
I think currently it is set to make the flakes as small as a screen pixel YAH.


this is not my work - it was monsterdog who made it.