Mixing Mirror Modifier and Weight Paint

I’m rigging a character at the moment who, because he is fat, it’s very tricky to work out the most efficient geometry for smooth binds. Too little geometry, and it won’t bend convincingly… too much and it risks crimpling.

At the moment, the base mesh has a mirror modifier.

I’m wondering, is it possible to weight paint before applying the mirror modifier, so that I can symmetrically add edgeloops and see their effect as I go? You see, if I “apply” the mirror modifier, I might want to then add edgeloops to fix certain deforms, and it’s not possible to add the edgeloops symmetrically once the mirror modifier has been applied.

Ideally I would like to keep mirror mode on, weight painting and adding edgeloops as I see the deforms, then “apply” the mirror modifier only when I’m happy.

…can Blender work like this?

Oh wow - if I’m not mistaken, Blender does do this… as long as X-mirror is on in the weight painting panels, the sides are… somewhat ironically… treated separately!

Please confirm if I am mistaken… if not, this is so cool! :eyebrowlift: