Mixing real paint colors to RGB

Since i working on my car paint shader,i was wondering how could i mixing the colors, like in the real world to get RGB colors.
As you maybe know ,if you mixing real or true primary colors (Red,Yellow,Blue) these are based on pigment based colors,and has a subtractive color system vs the RGB on the Display has a additive color system.

IE.If you are mixing true primary Yellow and Blue then you got green.

For printing there is the CMYK system this is based on subtractive color too.
If you are mixing Cyan with Yellow you got green.

some mixing examples

I want to try to get the mixture of real pigment based colors,converted to RGB colors for rendering.

I have searched about it,but i could not found a easy solution for this.Maybe someone has tryed that before or knows how to do it?

So far i think to understand what happens to the real colors under white light.

IE,A real Red color is not red ,its pigments absorbing green and blue color and let the Red wavelength reflecting.

Here a interesting paper

another paper

next paper

interesting RYB alpha blending method