Mixing Texture with Color Like Unity

I’m trying to recreate a scene from Unity in Blender and I’m having trouble aligning materials. In Unity, I was using the HDRP/Lit shader which allows for an Albedo texture as well as a color. Per Unity’s docs:

“Use the color picker to select the color of the Material. If you do not assign a Texture, this is the absolute color of the Material. If you do assign a Texture, the final color of the Material is a combination of the Texture you assign and the color you select.”

I’ve tried recreating this using the various color mixing modes but it doesn’t seem to work out perfectly. Overlay is probably the closest but having a pure white color brightens the output texture. In Unity, pure white results in just the Albedo texture with no changes. Any idea how to recreate this? Here is the link to the shader doc:

https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/Lit-Shader.html