mixing two liquids

I’m experimenting with liquid simulation and I was wondering if its possible to simulate a colored water drop falling into milk.

Thanks in advance for your help

Well it is possible in blender, though very complicated. You could use Fluid particles and then mesh it with an addon, of which I forgot the name :slight_smile:
But all in all this is highly inefficient, so you should try to avoid these setups.

I haven’t actually tried this, and it will be very tricky, but you could have a fake mesh droplet and fluid milk. Then have it fall down and make a small splash in the milk while the drop is actually a smoke emitter that just spreads out slowly, a slightly different technique then the inkdrop idea. Mabie this dosen’t make sense, but I think it could work unless I am forgetting something. Let me know what works for you. BTW I would not go with particles.

Thank you both for these suggestions, I’m trying with the smoke system, but my computer is getting to old to compute these simulations. But I’m not sure to get the resulst I want…

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