Mixing UV textures with procedural textures

Could some one please explain in lamans terms how to properly combine a bump map, procedural texture, and a UV texture. Thankyou very much.

add a material, then, go to texture buttons. in the texture buttons, you’ll notice there are several channels, so let’s say for your first channel you added the procedural. now click the second bar down for your next channel, which will be the UV image texture. Browse for your image. Go back to materials window, and the second channel with the image should be the active one at that point, so go to ‘map input’ and click on ‘UV’. Over to the right, you have your ‘map to’ buttons. The first two channels will be set to ‘col’ by default, and you can use the slider to get the proper mix. Now, the bump map, which you can add as the third channel, should be set to ‘nor’ instead of ‘col’. You can adjust the value by changing the nearby slider. That’s it ( assuming you are using a grayscale bump map )