Hi Everyone! This is my first thread here on Blender Artists, I thought I would post a little sample of a my latest character for our upcoming fantasy RPG (the the title of which is so top secret that we don’t even know what it is yet! :D). As you can probably tell from the images, it is heavily Anime/Japanese influenced, and we are working in Unity 3d.

This is Miyu!

Let me know what you think! No textures so far, all simple blender materials for color testing. the yukata, obi, and musubi will all be nicely patterned etc. At this point I just want some feedback from outside the team, to see if I am on the right track with my design thus far. I would especially appreciate feedback from a fellow anime style modeler. its taken me months to get my face style this close to 2d style, without looking like some sort of weird mutant.

For anyone interested. the current Tris count within blender is 11816, including the bamboo staff, before mesh optimization (deleting parts of the mesh hidden under clothing, etc.)

Thanks for looking!

I think perfect is the word I’m looking for.