MMB on 3 buttons mouse

with the new 2.42 i cannot pan anymore with Alt-LMB

instead the MMB is rotating the view and grid

  • in 3D view meaning that Z is not vertical anymore - how can i reset the Z to vertical again :confused:

Mind you last week i decided yo get a 3 buttons mouse

before that i had an ordinary 2 buttons mouse and i had to simulate a 3 buttons mouse.
This made the Alt-LMB do the paning

Go to the preference window(The window with the I) and go to edit method. Under Middle mouse button is a button “Pan View” clicik and there u go :smiley:

I know where to change it

but in this mode with the 3 buttons mouse how can i reset the Z axis to vertical after doing a view rotation with the MMB :confused:

“with the new 2.42 i cannot pan anymore with Alt-LMB”
Hi RJ2005, I got a similar problem. I mean, I’m using a tablet and I got to hit Alt+LMB to pan, but If I select in preferences 'Select with: Left Mouse". I don’t get to pan any more. Even I set back to 'Select with: Right Mouse", It doesn’t work. I had to delete the b.blend file to clear all settings back, but I can’t use “LMB”. It seems a bug in 4.42. Talking about It, has anybody any Idea where we should report bugs, I mean where and for who?

Does anybody has some solution to get to use the LMB in the settings and get to pan?

You should make a new post for your new problem!

To reset, simply use the numpad rotation (3 = side view, 7 = top view, 1 = front view).

Never could in linux, under KDE anyway… so try out our key combo… Shift+Alt+MMB for pan… continuity is a bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you read my question -
i’m talking about the 3D viewport

after doing the changes for the mouse now i can do the panning instead of rotating the view

but if it happen again in a file that the 3D view has been changed
how do i do the reset of the z Axix to it’s normal vertical position


I guess I’m confused, I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about… if you pan or trackball the view around, Z is still Z… if you want it to point vertically but have the X/Y stay the same, that is impossible by definition. :slight_smile:

Do you mean that before, you could use your mouse to recenter a view so it put Z as a vertical? Never heard of it. You don’t reset Z, or any axis for that matter… they are gloabal coordinate references and you cannot change them.

Just hit Front (NumPad_1) or Side (NumPad_3)? Is that what you are talking about? But you claim you did this with the mouse? Or are you saying you NEVER EVER changed a viewport so Z wasn’t pointing vertically?! If so, damn, you are a patient modeller!

By Z i mean the Z axis bottom left of the 3D view

When i used the 4 - 6 keys it rotate around the 0,0,0

if the user preference is set to do so i mean set to pan!
Z is limited to stay vertical in the 3D view

but if instread you choose the rotate view in the user preference

you are rotating the whole viewport and the grid too
the Z axis is not more limited to be vertical

my question in that case is how do you reset to Z axi to be Vertical again
if you are using the rotating the view instead of rotating arournd 0,0,0

do you get it now


Note: Most of the time i worked with 4 views
easier to follow things around

and if need too - i Ctrl UP to have full screen of one view