MMB on Menu Items to repeat last command (like in Maya)

Is there any chance that there is an option or addon, which gives the possibility to MMB on a menu item to repeat the last used command?

For people who dont know Maya:

You go to the menu and select:
Select → Select Radom

Then instead of going this route again you could MMB on Select instead of open the menu to execute the command again.

Would be pretty helpful, sometimes. Is this possible anyhow?

I am not aware of any such addon and to be honest, I don’t really see the necessity personally; Maya has the “G” shortcut, which repeats the last action and Blender has the same functionality via Shift+R.
I don’t even remember when Autodesk implemented this feature, it’s a pretty hidden one.
Even though I know about it, I have never used it, I always tend to forget about it. G also is just faster.
But admittedly I also tend to forget the Shift+R shortcut for Blender, but that is because I rarely use this in my workflow.
I recommend you use the shortcut.

(originally it comes from softimage)
in Blender the last command can be repeated with Shift R
but unfortunately it does not work like
as you are used to, addon is not known to me!

In softimage or probably Maya can also repeat menu commands that does not work in Blender.
For example, a cube gets assigned a deformer, these commands can be repeated (Menu Hotkey MMB/ command repeat tilde)and within the session in all menus these commands are stored.



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Exactly, that is why I want that. The menu commands is separated from the 3D views commands. That is why it is so crucial for me. It is not only a G repeat, it is a separate repeat function…

Wouldnt this be easy to implement? What are the chances, to propose this to be relised Blender devs? Is there like a official suggest and vote system for Blender features anywhere?


you can propose here:

it would be nice and I would vote
but sometimes this may also fail due to patent issues.

But I am not omniscient either,
and only 2 years in blender sniffing around :wink:

by the way switching between Views/Prpeerties/Shading/Fcurve

only pressing MMB!


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At least you can scroll through the separate views by holding the mouse cursor over it and scroll in Blender to switch between Outliner and X or Y. :smiley:

I wil put that to my todo list. Thanks for the help! Have a great weekend

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I forgot
was not the original question but I use the addon AeraSwitcher,
I can jump between different windows
for example FCurve-Timeline or Asset-Properties
see Gif


you also nice weekend, here is foggy


Nice one! WOW, the Blender community already proves helpfully engaged on my fist day here! Thanks!