MMB sometimes zooms?

Hi all, I’m new to Blender and just getting oriented going through tutorials and I can’t seem to figure out when the mmb scroll wheeel is able to zoom and when it isn’t able to. It always starts out as a nice zoom then at some point in whatever I’m doing it doesn’t do anything and then a little later poof it seems to be able to zoom again, LOL. Does window mode turn this on and off eg object vs edit mode?

Another Q: I did the neat subsurface box quick tut and made a nice beveled edge box BUT - render it and I see many more subdivisions on the side. So, which is my model, what I see in perspective mode or what I see rendered?:smiley:

Well, my MMB for zooming (you just “scroll” the button) works fine.

It may be due to the view mode you are in. Try view ----> orthographic (numpad 5)

i think i know the problem: when zooming,put the mouse courser in the 3D part of the window and not in the buttons part.