MMD atlas failure



I am new to Blender. I just texture atlased this mmd model by 4096 x 4096 resolution. The problem is that it messed up. I has all these weird things in the texture that shouldn’t be there. Can any of you guys help me with this?

What it should look like

The failed result

Also, here is the zip file that can help you guys.

and share them everywhere.

It contains 4 folders:

PretextureAtlas PretextureAtlasMapped textureAtlased cats-blender-plugin-master The PretextureAtlas folder contains the blend file before the texture atlas is made. The PretextureAtlasMapped folder contains the blend file where the texture atlas is made but the texture is not baked yet. The textureAtlased folder contains the blend file where the texture is baked.

Also, make sure cats-blender-plugin-master plugin is installed in Blender first before loading any of these files. It is an important plugin in loading mmd models to blender.

I downloaded the mmd model from CeciliaDeLaCruz from deviantart. i did not make it.

Please help!


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