MMD UuuNyaa Tools

Hi all! :smiley:
I’m trying to learn python scripting and this is my first project.
mmd_uuunyaa_tools is a blender addon for adjust scenes, models and materials in concert with blender_mmd_tools.

The main features that have been implemented are as follows

  • MMD Rigify Integration
    • Convert a MMD armature to Rigify compatible
    • Convert a Rigify armature to MMD compatible
  • Asset search
    • Search and import MMD assets
  • Setup ligihting
    • Apply and adjust preset lighting
  • Setup materials
    • Apply and adjust preset materials

I like MMD culture :heart:, and I expect that the use of Blender will be a good result for MMD culture.
If you have any feedback :speech_balloon: or know of similar efforts, please let me know.

There are Youtube introduction videos.


I’m a great MMD fan! Thank you for this! Keep up the good job! :heart:

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I am currently working on Auto-Rig support :wink:

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v0.5.2 I added the following materials.

  1. Gem
  2. Metal Base
  3. Metal Noble
  4. Plastic Gloss
  5. Plastic Matte (rename)

Example of Metal Noble and Gem

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v0.6.2 I add Skin hair mesh generate feature.

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v0.8.0 I add Material Adjuster feature.
With this feature, you can easily achieve wetting expressions using vertex colors.


LoL this tool is coming out really nice! Hope to find some time in summer so I can pop up some models out of it! :grinning:

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v0.9.2 I add Physics Adjuster feature.
With this feature, you can convert rigid body physics to cloth physics.

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v0.9.3 I add Watercolor material.
This material gives you a watercolor-like rendering result.


v1.0.0 I add following features.

  • Add Breast Physics feature (Pyramid physics)
  • Add Dynamic Paint Adjuster features
  • Add mmd_tools Japanese translation

This features allow for fast representation of the physics of soft bodies such as breasts.


LoL, this is getting bigger and bigger! Really impressive job! :smiley: