MMD UuuNyaa Tools

Hi all! :smiley:
I’m trying to learn python scripting and this is my first project.
mmd_uuunyaa_tools is a blender addon for adjust scenes, models and materials in concert with blender_mmd_tools.

The main features that have been implemented are as follows

  • MMD Rigify Integration
    • Convert a MMD armature to Rigify compatible
    • Convert a Rigify armature to MMD compatible
  • Asset search
    • Search and import MMD assets
  • Setup ligihting
    • Apply and adjust preset lighting
  • Setup materials
    • Apply and adjust preset materials

I like MMD culture :heart:, and I expect that the use of Blender will be a good result for MMD culture.
If you have any feedback :speech_balloon: or know of similar efforts, please let me know.

There are Youtube introduction videos.


I’m a great MMD fan! Thank you for this! Keep up the good job! :heart:

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I am currently working on Auto-Rig support :wink:

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