Mmm... A nice tasty Meatball (.blend included)

Here it is, hope you find it useful :smiley: .

All procedural textures displacement mapping ambient occlusion ect…

And the .blend >>>Meatball<<<

Looks cool, but I dont think I’ll be eating for quite a while now…


More like an afterbirth. tastes good with garlic btw… :wink:


Its Meat in a ball…I would not pour Ragu on that anytime soon…

The texture itself is very good, but it looks more like a cancer, or some disgusting piece of meat.

blurp !!!

Looks uncooked. Also it’s a little too bumpy.

can i get that with fries to go?

would you like some meat with your blood?

(good work btw)

Cool ‘ball’, but I wouldn’t say it looks like meat…more like alien brains or something. But who cares, I like it! :smiley:

looks like a brain…

it’s awsome.

lol … that’s definitely a meatball. Thanks for the .blend. :smiley:

Ewwwwwww. It’s like something out of The Thing…

I think I saw something like that at the Ogrish website.

looks nice. for some reason I cant download the blend file.

Looks good…if you were Hannibal Lechter. Needs to be browned a little bit more. About 10 more minutes.