Mmmm, beer.

Okay, i decided to start on this since i had the model from testing out caustics one day (in the blender general forum i think) anywho… here are some screenshots.

Old one from testing caustics:

New glass same scene, same beer and bubbles too:

Current Blender shot:

Trying to think of how to get head without killing rendertimes (which are @#$! on this box anyhow 333mhz p-II).

Particles, out obviously, i’m considering metaballs though may need to writy python to restrain them (ie fill a mesh with metaballs) or an image/displacement map on a solid mesh. Like to know the communities thoughts on these ideas. Or how do you go about getting a little head :wink:


yep, nothing worst than flat or hot beer, i say try the metaballs with some semi alpha white material maybe a little distortion texture.
damn now i feel like getting a beer :stuck_out_tongue: (salivating)

it would be a b!t©h but you could model the likeness of the foam and then texture it…doubt if it would produce the results your looking for though…

worth a try though, I suppose. I suck at UVing so I would make a mess of it.

I would also prefer dante’s approach - but maybe I’m just too unexperienced with metaballs. It all depends on your shader then (and of course proper UV mapping :D).

Uh, and please make the beer a bit bigger - looking at the thickness of the glass I would say that this is at most 0.2 litres, which is an insult to my liver :wink: .

Been working a little more on it… messed up some, will edit this in a few once the next render is done, need to find my bubbles heh!

Messed up and lowered the raydepth, but added a bar and different lighting

Fixxed Ray but lost my bubbles (think i gave them the beer texture)


Bubbles are back (squint, making them a bit bigger for next render)

Anyhow, i need to work on the bar texture (wood i assume) and i need to add more “stuff” i have a sketch for the final just not online, and the name of the finished peice for those curious will be ‘Jenny’ (after the 1982 song by the band Tommy Tutone), need to add the matchbook for that though :slight_smile:

Okay… Decided to play again… the bubbles still aren’t showing up like i’d like them to… may need to use a layer lamp or 2… Decided to try with just the .hdr file since yafray can use them, i loaded it into the world texture as an angmap and it works like a charm… i need to work on the beer mesh as you can see, i shrunk it down before, but i think i have a new way to do it… find out tommorow, 1:18am and i need to sleep.

So, w/o further ado… here’s the current (btw, i used the same hdr as i used image of it in the previous darker renders, looking for ‘bar lighting’)


what about doing just a bit of foam around the edge of the beer?

looking good btw, will be nice with some more BG objects and a bar texture… dont forget heaps of beer stains!

Wow, really nice blender!

I wonder which transparency settings you used for both your glass and your beer. I’m just beginning with blender (2.34) and tried it out too, but with glass IOR of 1,5 and a beer IOR of 1,33 I got very weird refractions. Also, I can’t get the light that the glass produces on the surface.

Thanks in advance!

When making glasses… always make sure that the glass is not too thick… that can spoil a whole scene… else it looks okay …


Looks good so far, but I think the reflections on the glass in your most recent update are a bit too strong. They’re obscuring the beer. Keep it up though; I want to see some more beer.