Here’s one of my previous WC entries reflecting off of a sphere. And yes, it’s Yafray.

That looks great. How long did it take to render?

about 15 seconds I think. It’s just a background pic.

I thought it was raytraced, it looks great just the same. I try to avoid raytracing because it takes so long to render.

It is, but it’s using a picture as coordinates.

Cool. I’d like to experiment with yaf to try to get some cool water reflecting effects some times.

I used extractor. It’s in the script list in python and plugins if you want to try it.

I installed it last week. It’s very straightforward to operate. I also tried a tesselate script. It makes some funky shapes.

I have been meaning to try that one, and dynamica as well. Oh and get the city block generator and makehuman too, they both just got an upgrade.

City block generator? Sounds interesting. I got make human. It’s great, I was making some really grotesque and bizarre characters with it.

Yeah very cool reflection. I also has got yafray, but I really don’t know how to set up all the sliders and such things to get a render like that. Is there a good tutorial about making things with yafray and blender? I know how to export it, and use yafray, but I don’t know hot to make a nice render. I always get too much noise (even when I use the noise filter) and I never get a cool reflection. Can someone help me? :frowning:

That’s funny, I always have the problem of trying to make it more noisy and it comes out smooth lol. No, but seriously, I just used extractor with a background pic, and three spotlamps from behind. I have only ever used extractor, but have been thinking about giving yablex a shot. I’m a total noob when it comes to rey tracing.

use a hemi light, a background colour, and turn on reflections and crank it up to full. ding.

Ok thanks, I’ll try. If it doesn’t work I’ll post a topic for help. :smiley: