mmmmmmmmm riiiiiice

great website thanks for the link

This was already posted here:

It’s pretty cool.

oops…srry XD

Its a time killer thats for sure. Whats the highest lvl? After about 15 right striaght in a row I got a bit bored, my highest was lvl 40.

it doesn’t ever stop

you can just keep going and going and going.

I’ve given 3000 grains of rice at a time. I like to see if i can go really really fast so that the site screws up. If you go too fast it tells you that it can’t do the rice orders that fast. Which probably means it thinks you’re a bot :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries - is cool

I didn’t say it did stop. Actually figured it might not…which is part of the reason I got bored after 15 tries. I was asking what’s the highest vocab lvl. After 15 tries my highest was lvl40.

delete this post. was a mistaken double post.

No worries - I like it!