MMO Possibility??? Please Answer.

Hi there fellow blenderheads I’m still learning Blender and still have LOTS to learn. So with that said, I’m going to ask my question none the less. I plan on making some type of RPG/MMO possibly MMORPG type game in the future. So my only question to all you veterans out there is… Could Blender handle say… making a game like Everquest(Classic Version) or World of Warcraft???

Yes, it’s possible. Learn Python, structure your time well, push through the game even if it gets difficult to complete, and yes, it’s possible.

Thank you very much SolarLune. Thats very good to hear I have four blender books starting from beginner to intermediate and plan on going through a TON of online tutorials then I’m gonna start my Python for Beginners books =P Thanks again and good to know I’m on the right track.

One little note to add Hidden-Fate.
The major problem that we have in the Game Engine is resource optimisation.
What this means is that making large games is difficult, unless you apply tricks to optimise the game.
All this requires you to do is to use low~poly models where required and make sure you plan first.
Games such as world of warcraft are possible, but a lot of work and are arguably more difficult than in a more expensive game engine.
But of course, a modeling environment WITH a Game Engine for free?
What’s not to love?!

I’ve created a list of ways to make your game run faster:

Thanks agoose77. Thats good to know, and with that said I’ve already heard people saying the lower plolys in the models for games the better they will run, so I kinda new to keep everything as low poly as possible, with that said, thats exactly why I would be leaning towards something more like Everquest 1 haha. Thanks again agoose77.

Thanks for the list as well 3dmedieval I will definately refer back to this a ton in the future. Thank you very much.

Thanks, and please do. It really helps. There is so much that can be done to increase frame rate - I forget some techniques sometimes, and am delighted when I look at that list and add 10fps to my game.

Well I know no techniques quite yet with the GE so EVerYTHing will help =) The advice from anyone is very much appreciated thanks again.