Hello! i am Jim,

me and my friend are looking for someone that can make us some models!

we are making a free MMO,
People can change their accounts to Premium of course! but most of the things will be 100% free!
i am not that great with Blender, and i need someone to make us models!

at moment, we got Nothing! except for a 0.03 version of our coming game!

the game will be called Scientists, of course! it is going to be a Sci-Fi RPG MMO!
it will be 3D, and it will be, just awesome!

are you interested in joining us?
it would be VERY Helpful!

and we MIGHT pay you eventually, if we got the money, and when the game is popular!

thanks :eyebrowlift:

well what models do you need?

At moment, i need a simple model, a standard character, for testing out the game, for when we are developing it!(we already are developing it! but we dont have the model) just design something Sci-Fi!
but question, do you have Skype? to keep contact,

i am working on a website! for the MMO! :o

i spose i could lend a helping hand :slight_smile:
what would you have me do?

more info would be helpful, what engine are you using? are you guys making your own? how far along is the game? some screenshots would definitely help. i’m by no means an expert (i’m still in school in fact) but already i have seen many posts about starting up indie game projects and mmos are definitely not something that is easy for an indie team. especially an indie team of volunteers procured from the internet.

it might be a more ateinable goal to make an rpg (still a daunting feat for an indie team) rather than having an mmo for your first attempt.


our goal is, the MMO, but we are getting it in a lot of steps! but instead of giving screenshots, i can also just give you the current game!
we are using the engine called Unity, and we are planning on buying Unity Pro, when the game hits Beta, (well, we are having Unity Pro when the game hits beta)

add me on Skype, jim.veens is Skype name!
its just to give you the game,

of course you are allowed to help :slight_smile:
what do you wanna do? are you good at making websites? or, good at making textures etc?
i am kinda new to making websites,

jim: can you maybe explain a bit more what character you want?

p.s: no skype account :frowning: sorry.

f3l1x: make a Sci-Fi character that looks cool, and is ready for action
just design something, it doesn’t matter if its a girl or boy,
it needs to be a .fbx file! :slight_smile:

I am going to put the Scientists project aside for a little while, i am going to rename it to SCIENTISTS ONLINE, and i am going to make a indie game called Scientists!

Hi do you need an modeler, mean not character but environments. I can also animate a little. If that’s the case can I be a helping hand?

this is a tragedy waiting to happen, jdb is right, an MMO is way too ambitious for a group of volunteered indies, you’d better stick with easier to start off with, I would bet my life that this won’t work out.

ofcourse Lewis, the indie game i am going to make is a Roleplaying game too!
and julzol, read my last reply, :confused:

DO you have an e-mail I don’t have skype …sorry