Mmorpg game Character

Hey all,

I need your help to decide. I’m going to make a real mmorpg. I think I’ve got enough experience and I hope I can get enough people to do so.
But first I wanna know which character I should pick. I really want to make it in Cartoon style.
Here are the options

  1. My old stickman characters

  2. Sort of like chibi characters. (took this one out of my ninja game but it will be improved)

I really like both of them they are all great. Why not use both?

Thanks for joining. I’ll open a thread on the whole project soon.
Ps, It might take a while for me to get started because I have school exams etc…

Uhm, I originally started an rpg game with the stickman. But I think it’s a little boring.

okay, well could you assign me some stuff to do so I could get it started?

Uhm, I really want to make a game with the chibi characters if that’s oke with you.
I can send you the project i’ve got so far. But It’s really messed up… And I deleted all the animation logic bricks cause I wanted to make it in python.

You were a scripter right? I still need a good battle system if you can make that. I shall pm you the sourche I’ve got atm. Do you have messenger?

yes but I don’t go on messenger allot but heres my email: [email protected]

I am the scripter yes. Could you give me like a set of instructions for example:

[the name of the game] version 0.

*you can choose character and move about

  • you have skills etc
  • you have health bar, mana bar etc
  • you can kill creatures

much like a game design document. it doesn’t need to be that diffucult or detailed, it is just so I could work on the game and know what you are talking about thats all.

p.s I think we should start fresh and not use any old files. this is because we could make new ones but use the same style. This will help for the models so you could reduce the poly count to make the game run fast.

Yea sure, but we can use some stuff of the old game. For example some of the enemies and the island for example aint that bad. And most of the scripts are oke too i think

It’s a really old file though. So maybe I need to look more into it.

okay no prob. maybe I could re-model or just import everything to a new .blend so it is neat. I cannot download the files today as I am using a 3G dodge. I will download it tomorow.

BTW I can also do modelling too but I wish to take the main role of the programmer.

Oke sweet. I’ll check who else wants to join us, make a planning, and get started in about 2 weeks.

Btw, how old r u and what country r u from. (I’m always just curious who i’m working with lol)
Oh, and excuse my english if you find some mistakes cause i’m from holland and i pretty suck. :wink:

I think your doing a great job with your english.

I live in England and I am 16 (turning 17 in 3 months)

Lol thanks.

I just turned 17 aswell

Haha, I’m 17 to :slight_smile:

I’ll join! I model and animate and can texture.

Well I’m FOUR! Take that, stupid semi-grown-up- adolescents!

What now? :evilgrin:

We should make this game on unity. The programing part is a million times easier.

thats true. But still I think using blender is better because of this friendly community :smiley:

But you could do everything but the programming with blender.

Yes thats true. I have a copy of Unity on my PC but it is up to GameMaster if he want to too.

Well I’ve never worked with Unity before.
And though the scripting part is pretty hard, I woul’d prever to do it in blender.

Also, I don’t have the program