I am about to start making an mmorpg called the five kingdoms I am wondering if blender is capable of making an mmorpg for instance interacting with the game server creating a very large world with lots of comlex stuff. If you have ever played runescape this game will be similar in a couple aspects. If this would be extreamly more difficult than other software or incapable of making the game please reccomend some software or ideas please tell me. I am wanting to use something affiliated with python because I know the language but if it is to difficult to do in python I can switch languages. All comments are gr8ly appreciated thx -shd0w

python is very good for that style of game,

I think blender will do the job for you and if you know python your all set to go :slight_smile:

The only trouble you may have is finding the correct server software to run the log on instances, not sure if python is good or not for that… you would have to write something and test it…

let us know how the progress is going many of us would like to submitt content for you to use :slight_smile:

for an mmorpg I would assume that python would be too slow and you might need something faster.
Ive always thought of python as a glueing language. It helps stick the many lines of a more advanced language together really well. You might need to learn C++ or another faster language then python to make the gameplay of an mmorpg fast enough to be decent.