Okay, so I’ve written a lengthy script (on paper of what the video game is about and scenes) and drawn maps (birds eye view) and character profiles with some of my best artwork. I’m REALLY going crazy trying to find a program(s) that I can use to create the maps and the characters. Then I wonder how to code it (gahhh…by myself…) so that I can get it to work. Basically, I need this answered:
Can Blender help make an MMORPG?
If yes, could someone take an eensy bit of time to help me learn to create shapes that look definable, and ground that the character can walk on?
If no,
Can anyone try to help me find a program(s) that can be used (free…because im sure there are some) to make the maps and characters. I may end up having to pay for a programmer to help me D:

Well, Blender does have it’s own game engine. You can model stuff in Blender and then the game engine will run it. (Game Engine forum: )

So I can use it for MMORPG? I’m trying right now to make a nice and basic flat ground, its tough. I can barely get it to move correctly and i cant figure out the camera angle with ALT + Mouse

It would probably work; I don’t know much about the game engine. Have you gone through the Blender Wikibook? It is a bunch of tutorials if you’re not sure what you’re doing in Blender.

Thanks alot :smiley: ill check it out

Blender will do just fine for modelling and levelediting.
The BGE won’t handle the networking part though.

You could follow the planeshift-guys and use crystalspace. You can this plugin for that. Nice thing about crystalspace is that it’s a complete game-engine with physics, sound, networking and such in place.

Otherwise you’d have to program that entire framework and use something like OGRE3D or Irrlicht on top of that.

Creating a mmorpg completely on your own is bordering impossible though.

More realistic would be to join forces with one of the many projects that are already well on their way like vegastrike, planeshift, daimonin or inifinity to name a few.
You could even help these guys. That way you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can concentrate on creating content.

I’d advise getting some experience with the subject before jumping straight to your masterpiece.