can blender make online games like mmorpgs?:wink:

not yet.

dont even think about it buddy all the nerds here will jump on you and go crazy and yes and no you need a huge knowlege of blender GE and python scripting and the closest thing in witch blender was used in a mmorpg was runescape and planeshift …but blender was just used to make the models i belive

yes, you can, but as JOSIAH3000 said you should have knowledge of GE, and python.

btw, i’m working on my thesis that is runtime verification on an mmo game, i’ll use bge for my work, but if you want to use my knowledge you must wait untill my works begin, but now i’m working on bge itself because of some features that i need in my project.

–blender help me in my thesis, and i help blender going better and better(as much as i can)

i think they should put a big fricken sign at the blender website that says "BLENDER SUXS AT RPGS.
people ask this all the time, i never realized how often until now.

for an mmo game you need these elements:

1)Server Side elements
1-1)Data Base Server
1-2)Web Service Server
2)Client Side elements
2-1)Client App

for example you want to create an online game, not a multiplayer one, and each player run client app, login into server, play the game and then send it score to the server,

so, in your database server, you should have a database that contains at least 2 table that store player informations(id,name, lastname, email,…) and one for players scores(id, playdatetime, score,…). this data base can be for example SQL Server 2000 or 2005 or mysql or …
another server element that is the interface between clients and database server, is a web service that works with http or soap,… requests, and return the result in xml format, the web service can be created using Visual Studio 2003 or 2005, Java, …,

and at the client side you need a client app, that can be created by blender and has embedded python scripts that create connection to webservice and send and recieve data from it.

as you see blender(client app) is a part of whole project.

My friend, NJORTC, if blender is not good for rpg’s, then what is it good for. FPS - no,
Racing - no, Mmo - no, Tps - not really, only one left - rpg.

correction = racing - yes, fps - yes

I believe that what you can do with blender is limited to your creativity, knowledge, and investment in time. And, of course the capabilities of your computer. Not to say that a mmorpg is next to impossible but… I’ve seen some really awesome stuff done in blender.

Please look at the sticky for information about this topic. Also you can search the forum, you will find numerous threads practically identical to his one.