MNG animation format

I’ve seen this animation format, I’m not even sure the exact name, (MNG?) but I think it supporst 256 alpha levels and has some options live animated gifs. Is this format more efficient than seperate png files or multiple frames in one png? Is there a gimp plugin or a program to combine many files to an mng? This would be for an animated texture.

I believe that MNG is PNG files, so I don’t think it’s exactly more efficient.

You can use Gimp-Gap to build MNG files. You can also use Mencoder from MPlayer.

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You don’t even need Gap in Gimp. Simply have all the PNG files you want as layers in one file, save as MNG, and select the animation option when the dialog box pops up. It’s the same process for animated GIFs.

oh I didn’t notice it is built into gimp, but I need to get all files in a folder I think.
I will look at the other things thanks.

The reason it may be more efficient is it may cut out repeating parts of images and also use a better pallet scheme, or not.

They simply need to be seperate layers in one image.