Mo-cap in blender

Soooo has anyone actually managed to get the mocap working in blender. imperting bhv and assigning them to the rig etc? All I’ve managed to get is a christy brown rig, all over the shop.

Someone has asked me to do a couple of small animations and would love to do it in blender with mocap. Anyone got a good work flow. even better anyone got a link to bhv files that actually work in the latest version of blender.


i use this url :

But to apply the BHV to the armature, i apply the rotation of each bones of the BHV armature to each bones of the blender armature…
and sometimes rotating the bones of the BHV model…
good luck
my last movie using BHV and mocap capture with kinect for pc windows

that’s what i have been able to do. again used the kinect animate