Mo the Cleaner Bot (WIP)

this is my new WIP. its Mo (apparently thats his name) from Wall-E. he was probly my fav bot in that movie so found a half ok ref image and got started. just a head so far.


Render so far

unfortunately theres a lot of edge loops required to get the shape right so im having some problems keeping it in shape, but ill work through it i hope. not sure how ill go with textures later on as i dont know much about them just yet.
would also love to animate it at some stage, but we’ll see :slight_smile:

Oh, your reference is based off of another person’s model, which I don’t recommend, as if they made a mistake, it will show in your model too. Try to find a reference using google images. Something may pop up. This would probably suffice. great start by the way. I hope you get closer to the original than the last guy.

wow u might be right, didnt realise it wasnt the original :frowning: lucky u caught that before i got to much done, thanks! a few small tweeks i should get it a bit closer.