Mobas City

Hi, well since the deadline is praticly over now (just a couple hours to go) I guess I can show this pubicly without having my work “stolen” haha [/parano]

so here it is, Mobas City

This is kinda a “draft” of the final image.

well briefly, the company Mobas contacted me aswell as 4 other artists. Asked us to create a sci-fi (about 50years ahead) city that mix up multiple european cities. The city had to show Mobas as the central place of the huge city and show that mobas can contact everyone everwhere.

If I get the contract, I’ll be redoing all the grass/trees because they are way too simple lol. Remodel most of the small building by hand so each section of my city represent more the “country” that it represents. Also I’ll be adding more publicity panels all around the train tracks to show that Mobas advertise everywhere (they are an advertising company). make some more beautiful cars in the air, and on the ground road. Add people in streets and parc. Also represent more european city even if their main building aren’t that “known”.

For the moment I have Italy (coliseum/pisa tower), France(Eiffel tower/arc of Triumph), Belgium(atomium), Grece (Acropolis), England (Big Ben/London Eye). [EDIT] I also have Spain (with the Giralda)

1 985 250 faces
OSA 16, AO 14 samples
1h48min36sec of render
30min of photoshopping

I call it finish because if I don’t get the contract, it is eh. I hope you’ll like it, C&C are always appreiciated! and A BIG TX to [email protected] for the sky texture!!

gooog really nice work, what u saynig about a contrat? ohh i know, that contract u had signed on a couple of times ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is definitely one of your best works Ecks. If you don’t get the contract that would be a surprise because this was certainly no easy task to conquer, and you did an excellent job here modeling and combining all those elements. The perspective is perfect.


erm… this boggles my mind!!! it must have taken quite a while to make. I think this is probably the most awesome city I have ever seen done in blender.


This is really awesome, but I really don’t think those trees match the color scheme or modelling style of the rest of the piece.

Great lookin’ city though.

That’s because it doesn’t reallt matter. it’s a draft of what it could be.

X, you’r maybe the craziess blenderhead of quebec I know. Hpe they at least stop to look at it :wink:

Ecks… you would have get 100% of the votes by now :wink:

This is fantastic, even though its a still, the picture is buzzing with action. Really great camera angle.

Great work - and this draft already has so many interesting details. I especially like the composition and the colours.

I really hope that you get this job.


this also looks a bit like the city planet in star wars! with all the flying cars.

very funny to see you combined all those city buildings, can’t you make a flytrough anim?(probebly take about 5 days to render 30 seconds)

woooooooooooooow first class A+

the only thing i’m not sure on is the traffic in the sky, it doesn’t feel right for some reason but superb work none the less.

That’s amazing - I think you made good use of the discombubulator, no?



like this very much! Cant say anything else! Ill go to suck my thumb…again :Z

sweet bro, keep pumping the shizz out :stuck_out_tongue:


This is really awesome. Ashame you dont have a Dutch building in your scene ;).

Nice image. You could also all “The spike” to represent Dublin.

Go on, give us a vertex count, you know you want to !

Fabulous work. Didn’t even notice the grass problem until I read about it. The overall “feel” and detail of the image completely swamps any minor problems like that.

As gabio said, you’re maybe the craziest blenderhead of quebec… or even of the world :wink:
(Espèce de MALADE, va !!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really hope you’ll get that contract because you really deserve it.

Really nice ! I really like the camera angle and the colors.
(but you really need a cloud raining over belgium to be realist :smiley: )

:o :smiley: