Mobile artillery cannon

A long way to go, but this is the foundation for my mobile artillery cannon, need to learn to do a lot of effects before this will be complete. Particle emmiters for steam, Glowing Liquid for energy tanks, I know I have or saw a tutorial vid on making hoses, and need to make the hoses soft body or somthing of the like so I can get them to be affected by recoil of gun fire, gravity, and motion of the main platform. Gravity will also need to effect the surface angle of the liqiuds.

Reminds me of a Tau vehicle I saw once for Warhammer 40k. Its good, basically sound, the leg joint is confusing me though. Does the foot rotate? Or is it on a pivot?

Good start!


Thanks. Never looked at the Tau b4, only the necrons. The foot at this point rotates. Dont think that will stay the same way for long, the modeling started with absolutly no idea what I was making, and ended up with this. Going for a alien/bug like structure.

Hi KineNan

Here is an easy method for making hoses.
I hope you find this usefull.
I am using 2.4 version of blender to do this, maybe earlier
versions can do this too. :
Make a path shape that is that a hose.
Next set up following thing:
under curve and surface
back off, front off, 3d on.
bevel depth: 1.4 for example
bev resol:3
Adjust the settings so that you have enough polys, but not too many.
Adjust bevel depth to get the desired radius to the hose.
Convert to mesh if you need to for a softbody or mapping or
for any other reason.
One more adjustment thing. DefResolU:# should be adjusted to work
for the hose, do not forget to push the set putton.

Nice start for a model/scene.
You got a similar style on it as a spaceship i did yesterday, but you
did not ruin the mobile artillery cannon with a triangle/triangles :smiley: