Mobile Augmented Reality

So I am in the middle of finishing a mobile augmented reality application the dream is to create a augmented reality web. So people can make augmented reality webpages on everyday objects. I’ve been using blender for a while so I thought I would extend the offered to submit something for the better. If your interested it would be great to show others that other people can use it also. So if your interested you can email me from the email on my profile.

How are you integrating Blender with Augmented Reality?

he means the generated 3d models (x3d, webgl?) maybe x3dom, away3d, papervision3d, three.js, …

It will be a android and iOS app that lets you add video, images, and 3D digital materials to any real world object. It so it uses .obj and m2d right now. We are looking to see if some artist wanted to share their art with a project like this.

I got a market for ya…

I have a friend that has been looking into this (combining iOS/Android AR app and band posters/banners).

Let’s say ya go to see a band/musician, they have a poster/banner with imbedded AR… you can d/l audio/video right then and there.
Would be a great marketing tool for bands.

Over wlan hotspots in the public? Sound not so great. Also they need the ar app first …

Point 4G phone @ little square pixel box that “pushes” the link to the free app in “store” … android or iOS. Also app is spread thru digital “word of mouth” via social networking sites.

Once app is d/l’d (very small, very quick), additional content is pushed to the phone… not full video or audio, but links to MP3’s offered free only to those who attended the show, show date calendars, band pics, all sorts of branded content… including 3D and animated content tied in with the show itself.

The guys behind this aren’t 20-somethin’ newbies. They are experienced media production pro’s with over 18 years experience, own there own record label, have produced TV shows, commercials/advertising for big name companies (Adobe, proctor & gamble, Macy’s dept stores), and music videos for big labels (latest is for Epic recording artist “Downplay”).

Here’s their website:

Maybe you can contact them and talk them out of their “bad idea”. lol!

Well, big plans but I think this will not very successful. 3d in the public / on shows?
People are more interested in real stuff like merch stuff and not digital stuff.

But this is OT.
Its about Radzell and his project and not meant as advertisement for a media agency.

Do you know if you friends band would be interested in testing something like this out.

Actually it can use 2d, 3d, video, and music. Basically the idea is to make augmented reality website that use object as links people are already using apps like this it’s just normal people can use it.

my friends are not a band… although several are in bands. They are a media production company that also happen to own their own record label as well. They are at the very beginning stages of developing an app similar to yours (really just the “R” part of R&D at this point), specifically FOR bands. You may be able to help them… AND… they may be able to help you.

I have no way of testing your app… I don’t even own one those fancy 4G phones. :wink: I’m “old school”. :wink: So I have no way of determining if what you are developing is along the same lines of what they have in mind, but if you’d like to contact the owner, you can use the above linked website’s contact page to do so.

The main contact is Denver Cavins, and my name is Randy Fugate if you want to use that as an introductory reference (I’ve known Denver for years and have sub-contracted 3D work with them in the past on an Adobe ad project). Tell 'em I told ya to contact them, but remember… these are busy pro’s, so have your “ducks in a row” as they say.

Thanks the more contacts the better and we will definitely have our project together. I’m not sure we are there yet, but will be there very soon so I will will contact them in about 2 weeks when I think we will be ready to start major testing for the platform.

Also for anyone who wants a better idea here is a short explanation video. [video][/video]

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No problem! I’ll give them a “heads up” that you may be contacting them. Last I talked to Denver*, he asked me if I new anything about authoring content for AR, saying they were “looking into” developing just such an app. Although I knew what AR was, being “old school” I had no direct experience but told him I’d keep my ear to the ground for anyone with something in the pipe that may fit the bill.

I guess you’re it! :wink:

edit: *about 3 weeks ago