Mobile Commode (BWC image)

Have a long meeting and you’re worried about those embarrasing trips to the restroom? Have no fear, the Mobile Commode is here! The legs are customizable based on your height, as is the toilet paper. The rubber grips on the legs will allow you to avoid those messy spills, and the expanded storage tanks require fewer waste dumps. Visit our web site at for more information (including personal testimonies) and to place your order today!


Nice backstory and concept

Haha, I love it! Great work :smiley:

WTF! :o I was doing the same!! :o Only more pointing towards the compact/portable side :smiley:

Cute concept - I love the toilet paper roll :slight_smile:

/Toilet humor on

Great, after all these years living on cheap rent-a-room appartments
sharing it with others…I finally hoped to get a room away from
the TOILET next-door. You know…my bedroom is next to a toilet
and it ain’t a nice thing…exept when you have a stommach-rash…

…now the darn thing will follow me around wherever I go?

/Toilet humor off

Constructive criticism:

  • The toilet seat looks too flat - Round it a bit more “anatomically”.
  • That’s porcelaine ain’t it? No way those thin robot legs can stand the pressure.
  • the end-cap’s on top of the poles around the stand looks fake, bevel them
    for the sake of “looks”. :slight_smile:
  • The toiletpaper looks like it’s made of plastic…Hm…that would make
    for an absolutely GREAT practical joke…can’t imagine how hard it
    would be wiping your …uhm…rear…with plastic toilet-paper :smiley:

Other than that - it’s actually a great image, nice idea - well executed
and semi-nice light (could be done better)…

I like it!

Fantastic idea and well executed. I love it.


Nice… but why is there a black hole in the toilet? Normally the inner side is visible.

Perhaps that is part of the waste management technology - a tame black hole, what goes in, doesn’t come out! (just don’t get your bits trapped in it! :o )

Nice take on the theme


Here’s an updated picture in response to your comments, the main change being the lighting. The shadows are softer now, and the light is no longer directly over the toilet. I also changed the tops of the poles slightly and brightened the lower section of the toilet paper and the inside of the bowl. (The bowl was so dark before because of the shadow from the lid)


Nice idea, very funny, but it doesn’t look like the legs could offer propper support. :stuck_out_tongue: