mobile games in blender

Hi guys,

is possible make obile games in blender?

anybody know how?

thanks :smiley:

You can do so using android blender players I believe. Check out this page in the Blender manual:

Something to note is that the engine isn’t well optimized and will struggle on a mobile device – especially one that is passively cooled (no fans). Keep your polycount low, avoid shadows, prebake textures to avoid dynamic lights and do not use 2d filters or shaders in order to achieve a good framerate.

The most common route is to use Blender only for asset creation, then build the game itself using a more reasonable mobile game engine like SIO2, Unity, or something else.

Is there any route to android through the browser?

like publishing to html 5?

Don’t forget GameKit, which is closely aligned with Blender:

So will I be able to port my Blender Game, with its logic blocks and python scripts to an android device without re-coding?

I haven’t used game-kit before but I have used ogre before and it was far from an easy plug and play experience.

Is it possible to say, have a quick pipeline, such as exporting a game from blender immediately to mobile to make fine-tuning easy?

And, the manual says you need to open the blender player first, then open the file, is there no way to make this all happen a bit more seamlessly in one click?