Mobile GPU blender 2.8

Anyone know if the GT550M GPU is supported by Blender 2.8.
No compatible GPU s found or path tracing.

While blender 2.79b is running fine with gpu.

OS is Ubuntu 18.04
Notebook Asus N35SN

Unfortunately it only supports CUDA compute capability 2.1 and 2.80 requires 3.0 for CUDA accelerated Cycles rendering.

You should be fine for Eevee, CPU Cycles, and general workspace stuff though I think.

What do you mean with blender 2.8 requires 3.0 for Cuda.

GT550M openGL support is 4.5!!

CUDA, not openGL

Cuda is supported I have no idea what 3.0 is as you wrote.

CUDA has versions just like openGL

Your card supports CUDA 2.1

Blender requires 3.0

Cuda latest release is called
Or do you mean cuda toolkit version?
Where did you find the gpu requirements for blender 2.8.
Requirements update has been a while for 2.8 on less gpu info.

CUDA compute capability 3.0. See the link in my original reply.

This link was helping me.


For blender 2.79 cuda rendering the laptop is working fine.

For blender 2.8 cuda rendering I need a new laptop.