Mobile hard-disk trouble

Hey all! Today Ive brough a usb mobile hard-disk for my computer. In the manual it says that the driver for my new hard-disk should get installed by itself on Win XP/2000, And I got a XP, so that shoulb be all right. But then my problem is that the drive do not show op in "my computer"when plugged. The first time I plugged it it installed the driver, but did’t show up :frowning: have triede anything i know of, but it just won’t work… :frowning: Heres a link to my hard drive-box. Its called EH-35BS2 , and the hard-drive itself is called HD300LJ. Could’t find any relevant links. Its without cd stuff in it. :slight_smile:

please If you know somthing that can help me, please share it!


i had that same problem, first i tried switching to a different USB port (for example my mouse would only work in 1 of the 6 i have… not any other), if this doesnt solve your issue go into the device manager, right click on “MY COMPUTER” go to “properties” then “HARDWARE” tab and then device manager, from there you will be able to see if your computer recognizes the device, and if it doesn’t it will be under “Unknown” and there you can reinstal/update drivers


(The link is only pointing to the case, not to the harddisk itself.) Make sure that everything is connected properly. Disassemble again to check if the hard disk connectors (power and data) sit strong. Same for the USB connectors. And the power adapter, those 3,5" external disks need their additional power adapter (2,5" don’t, they get enough power via USB).

If that doesn’t help, try at a different computer, with a different drive and the drive at a different computer (SATA makes that much easier).

It did’t work at another computer either :frowning: There must be somthing wrong with the drive itself. :confused: In the device manager it said that the hard disk is working correct :open_mouth:

really anoying. :frowning:

The Hard disk is named HD300LJ. :slight_smile:

That thing has some jumper to set the SATA mode. Did you play with these?

That thing has some jumper to set the SATA mode. Did you play with these?

No I did’t. Please explain :slight_smile: Sounds interesting…

There is a chance its working perfectly, but just needs to be recognised as a writeable volume.

When i installed my 60Gb drive, I needed to format it before it worked, I have also needed to assign a drive letter on a few computers it is used on as it has had conflicts in the lettering if i plug in a camera… but generally auto letter assignment should work.

Second thought is the amount of power it is getting, and whether its enough. Sometimes my drive can show up, but not be functional, since enough power is getting to the Controller PCB, but not enough to spin up the HDD.


You can find the extensive manual for the hard drive here. There is one jumper that can be set.

But reading the whole thread again it may be that the drive really just isn’t mounted correctly in Window as Alltaken said; try to assign and format in the Computer Administration before doing hardware things.

Do you have a Linux Live CD at hand, maybe just to check if it is available there?

Okay I got a guy I know to fix it. He formated my disc and now its working. Yay!

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