Mobile phone (first thing in blender)

well this is my first thing in blender i have ever made it is a picture of my phone (3310)

tell me what you think

as he said this is hes first project in blender so for a start that is actually pretty nice…

You’d better start doing some tutorials :wink:

welcome to elysiun, and blender.

not bad for first work.
phone actually has quite good looking geometry in it… you could’ve just put that phone on a non textured plane, and rendered closeup of it…

the scene is simple, but, you have to start somewhere.
one thing I noticed, you are not using spotlights, or if you are, you haven’t turned shadows on. that will add much to your future scenes.

good luck!


i don’t think u can call that finished but alright for your first blender project…


Welcome to Blender and Elysiun!!!

Not bad for a first project. Beats my first project by a mile, that’s for sure! :D. As basse said, shadows would really help you out, and maybe either a procedural texture for the ground or a much larger one so it isn’t so low res.


ok thanks for the comments but i tried shadows but they where just to dark you couldent make anything out of them it would have looked a lot worse and yeh im gonna UV texture it soon (im learning atm)

<EDIT> plus you have to be nice its my birthday :smiley: <EDIT>

welcome to blendering. Nice first blender.