Mobile version is 'dead'

When I use BA on my PC, everything is fine. But when I use either the chrome or app version of BA on my mobile phone, I get the top banner, a list of the categories (Artwork, Support, etc.), all with a zero after them, and nothing else. Is the mobile version on the fritz or am I having phone problems??

It works fine for me on iOS. Which phone/browser do you use? Please share a screenshot too…

galaxy s6 and s9 works fine on Chrome. i used to be on BA alot on mobile, i’ve had only good experiences with it.

iOS and Safari is working great.

@bartv While we’re on the subject it would be cool to be able to side scroll the featured row while on mobile.

As it is now you get 4 full images and one cut in half with no ability to see the earlier ones, without clicking into the featured thread. :grin:

False alarn, I got a new phone, it was blocking Javascript. Odd that BA never complained and even loaded some stuff, I thought it would be either yes or no. But thanks for the offers of help!

Just to give a liitle info: Android 5.1 Firefox in Archos 50c low End from 2016… Works perfect… (First time BA mobile)