mobius strip

Entered a contest on the contest page trying to recreate an object. I tweaked it a bit and this is the result. Blender internal.

Ok, here is another one.

i saw the original image and that looks cooler!

Beautiful, technically and otherwise. How did you model it?

Interesting brain teaser you have there. It forces the viewer to use his imagination a bit for a change. Nice work.

modelling is pretty basic.

  • draw a shape.
  • extrude it and rotate it (repeat this until you have rotated through 180 or however many twists you would like). For these I rotated 5 degrees every step.
  • parent your mesh to a bezier circle using curve deform. Check the curveStretch button on the bezier options.
    -apply the deformation
    -w to remove doubles,

Thats it.

I agree, found my head turning to make sense of the shape. But its real nice.

You can also use top mod.

Beautiful shape, I like it :).

I love them too.
Maybe you should spend a bit more time on composition. In none of these images the object is perfectly centred in the image. Just lock the camera on the object and you will have ride yourself of this small problem.

/ Mats

@ Mats
I suspect that Tamarin could perfectly center an image if he wanted to :slight_smile:

@ Tamarin
Those are great models, materials and renders. I especially love the lighting. Any chance of you could tell us about your lighting set up? Or maybe even post a blend file?

I agree lighting and materials are awesome.

Let me see if I get this… (I have not done modeling of this type)

  1. You could start with, say, a circle with eight vertices.
  2. Extrude it, rotating each time, in a STRAIGHT LINE until all the degrees you have roated add up to X (say 180 degrees)?
    And I understand the rest…
    Did I interpret that correctly?


I guess I did understand :stuck_out_tongue:

(Note: not trying to hijack your thread or anyhing, just showing appreciation for the mini expanation :D)’m trying to do one, but I get a strange “crease” of sorts when I apply subsurf to the morphed model. I’ll post a screenie in a sec.

Also, does anybody know how to get rid of that weird black strip. I’ve seen it before on meshes, and it kinda messes up renders a lot.

Also, does anybody know how to get rid of that weird black strip. I’ve seen it before on meshes, and it kinda messes up renders a lot.
Go into edit mode, select all, remove doubles, recalculate normals.
(Tab, A, W 6, Click, Control N, click)

The normals problem occurs a lot and accounts for the black lines in renders. The remove doubles is to make sure you have clean geometry, and to correct for “checkerboarding”.

select all, recalc normals outside. in edit mode. I think it’s under the actions tab.

The recalc normals helped, but when I removed doubles it said “0 removed” and nothing changed. Sorry if I’m making a noob mistake, and thanks for the help already.

I’ve tried this several times, with different shapes, and every time I get this same “pinched” section when I subsurf. I occurs after I remove doubles, so I don’t get what’s going on. Did nobody else encounter this problem?

Did you select all the verts before clicking remove doubles? You need to do that.

Of course. Its a really strange issue. I can’t find a similar one, or a solution anywhere.