Mobster(Vinny Visconti)

Meet Vinny Visconti, king of the New York underworld. Vinny knows how to get what he wants, when he wants it. He has the connections. He has his hand in every underground operation from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Vinny had it all, til things went sour. He noticed business wasn’t booming anymore. Some of his regular customers wouldn’t even give him a nod when passing him on the street. He sent them in, his best men…Silvo Russo and Alberto Moretti, deep into the dealings of the crime lords of the Big Apple. They emerged with some disturbing news. The Mancini family had betrayed them. It turns out they were playing Vinny from the start. They used the information they recovered from a few “friendly” conversations to turn the tables and become New York’s new underworld king. Well, the old king is enraged, and he’s not going out without a fight. Revenge is sweet.

I made that story up on the spot. I thought it might make sense to have a story behind the animation that I just recently finished. So you’re the first ones to hear it.

Here’s the movie:

And here’s the image:

I like your camera work.
It looks like a lot of work was put into the animation. There are few animations like this on Elysiun.

It could be improved, but I guess you are finished with it.

I am here to say about the car sound again :smiley: , its got to go, even if only in portfolio/demo reel version.

coderdave: It’s finished for now. I might go back and change some things in the future.

j: I’ll eventually take out that ignition sound, just for you. I’ll keep the original version to so I can listen to it and giggle like a little school girl.