Mocap able to use with Blender?

Hi,i am just a newbie in Blender World,previously i stick with 3ds Max,now i consider to move to Blender.Please someone answer me that can i use .bip and .bvh files with Blender Character? I admit that i have not enough learning in Blender recently. So before i move to Blender World,i just want to know that first.Bcause i was convenient with mocap in 3ds max.Thank you very much for your support.

Welcome to the forums!

It is possible, although perhaps not as fluidly as character studio or whatever setup you are used to.

Some of the basics. That site is getting a little old, so someone else can correct me if there is a more current method.

Thank you very much Ben,yes that is exactly what i need.
Thanks again.

Maybe this can help too:

(not sure how good it is, I did run accross it a while ago)


mocap goes very well with blender. You can import BVH file and automatically Armature with motion will be created. You have to create the mesh and rig. my mocap on my signature happy