Mocap bvh skeleton > Blender > After Effects workflow


I have recorded some BVH data which I need to convert to OBJ sequence to import into Stardust which is an after effects plugin.

The BVH data I import into Blender looks great as a simple skeleton, but I understand I need to “attach” the skeleton to a model before I can export the OBJ sequence.

As the OBJ sequence is ultimately going to be used in Stardust as a particle generator I don’t need or want to attach the skeleton to any fancy model - I would love to just be able to use this skeleton.

Can someone please advise how I could do this? Is there a way to use the skeleton to create a collection of polygons that looks the same and then simply pair the skeleton with my new model?

Apologies for my crude description - I am totally new to this and I’m sure I am using the wrong terms for basic things.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.