Mocap Contest Entry & Upcoming Tutorial - Perception Neuron Mocap to Blender Workflow

Hi, it has been some time since I posted here - so hello again… I have been doing several Mocap projects with Blender lately and most recently am experimenting with Perception Neuron mocap sample data and have a perception neuron suit lined up to borrow for a while. This is all in preparation for potentially acquiring some suits for our animation project… We have entered a mocap contest at the neuronmocap website and I would greatly appreciate your vote if you can spare the time. We are pitching an 11-minute pilot for a kids show based on a Summer Camp animated in Blender. Is there some interest is in a tutorial series for importing the data to the Addon Rigify Human Rig I’d be glad to do some. If we can win the contest we will be documenting and sharing our process, but win or lose, I can make the tutorial in either case - again if you have time - please vote at by clicking the heart next to our entry and leave a reply below if you’d like a tutorial so I can gauge interest. Many Thanks! - Michael
BTW we are being featured on The Contest Facebook page today.

Hi Michael, I just started working with a Perception neuron myself. Could you tell me have you succeeded in importing finger motion to your target rig in blender. I am using 2.77a

I have tried:
Motion capture tools, - always end up with bone roll to odd angles, is this working in the current version?
Makewalk - remaps and imports bvh perfectly , but doesn’t support finger bones. :frowning:

I am at somewhat of a loss. any suggestions appreciated!