MOCAP for objects, not bones?

Will MOCAP work for me if I’m not using bones? I’m using objects, to move my human model baby. Every bone in my model has a fake object bone, which moves the body the same way. And I need to use them, instead of animating the bones.

I doubt it, mocap usually relies on some sort of armature. I suppose, at a push, you could attach a driver / constraing to each object to follow an imported mocap so you link an object to a specific bone. (I’m assuming that is do-able).

Does anyone here have any MOCAP keyframes? If so, you can try and see if you can just paste them in for something else, like say an object, wahahaha. Wouldn’t that work? Man, I could even try that myself with a simple bone and object in Blender. Tomorrow though, I must sleep.

I know the objects can be keyframed with the mocap once it, gets it. So making bones move objects by constraints may be a 1-time thing?

Nevermind. I can rotate an object just like a bone, including any fake-bone objects linked after that fake-bone object on any local axis for roation. I.e. I can hand-animate worst case scenario.